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My daughter, Gwen, and I traveled to Italy and Greece with Lauren. The trip was well-planned and organized.  Hotel accommodations were pleasant. The tour guides were extremely knowledgeable. All facets of the trip are coordinated well to allow you to see and experience the countries you are traveling to. All of it was very exciting, but for me was the experience of sharing a trip of a lifetime with my daughter.  Seeing something together for the first time, tasting new foods, learning a new language, experiencing the history, together. I full-heartedly recommend traveling with Lauren!" 


We traveled with Lauren to China and Hong Kong.  The trip was amazing!  It was well planned, lots to do and see for all of our different ages. The hotels were clean and comfortable and the people were friendly, no matter where we went. Being able to pay on a monthly budget worked fabulously for me and my family. And I got to cry seeing the Great Wall of China off my bucket list.  Truly a spectacular feat of engineering. I would definitely travel with Lauren again." -


My daughter, Jada, and I have taken 2 trips now with Lauren: one to London and Paris and the other to New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii. Both trips were well-planned and organized, with knowledgeable tour guides. We were able to see the most popular tourist sights in all countries, and everyday had some free time to explore on our own. It so was much fun to learn the history and cultures of a new country. I highly recommend taking a trip with Lauren.   These are trips of a lifetime and Lauren is great at helping prepare everyone before and during the trip!" 

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